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Data Execution Prevention Causes "Memory Corrupt" Errors
If you get an error message similar to the the one pictured below when opening an menu item, it may be because you have Hardware DEP enabled on a Vista or Windows 7 PC.
To check if DEP is turned on:
1) Open the System Properties page and select the Advanced tab
2) Open the Performance Options page and select the Data Execution Prevention tab
3) At the bottom of this page you can see if your PC supports hardware-based DEP. Software-based DEP is not known to cause problems.


To disable DEP:
1) Restart your computer and enter the bios setup
2) Find the DEP settings and disable it. Depending on your computer manufacturer, DEP may be labelled "Data Execution Prevention," "XD," "Execute Disable", "CPU XD Support" or "NX."


Internet Explorer blocks some menu items from opening if the security settings haven't been set correctly. This error message is shown:

Unknown Publisher

There are two places you need to check:

1) FMS must be added to either the Local Intranet or Trusted Sites zones. Note that you need the 'https' prefix for the address.


2) In the settings for the zone you use (Local Intranet or Trusted Sites), all the ActiveX settings must be set*. 'Download unsigned ActiveX controls' is the setting that generates this error if not set to Enable

*There is one setting in IE8 or higher that must be set to Disabled - 'Only allow approved domains to use ActiveX without prompt'



​On 64-bit versions of windows, you get an error message (Unknown Login Error. (Code:1.U5b)) when the menu system tries to validate your usb key.

​This is usually because the 32-bit version of the usb key driver is being used. Download the 64-bit version here:

Then use search to locate and replace all existing versions of unikey.dll with the 64-bit one you downloaded. Use just "unikey" as the search term. If you find any unikey2.dll files, replace those with the downloaded file as well.



​On 64-bit versions of windows, you get this error when trying to view reports:

Crystal Reports Error

You need to install the 64-bit redist for Crystal Reports located here:


When running FMS on a 64-bit version of windows, there are a few extra setup steps needed in order to allow it to run 32-bit apps from the menu system.

1)  In the “Tools” menu, make sure “Single Instance Menu” is checked. This allows the menu system to launch 32-bit apps as a separate process.

 Single Instance Menu



 2)  Create a Code Access Policy for FMS. This is required or the OS won’t allow FMS to launch external applications. To Create the policy run these two commands from a command line:
   a)   %WINDIR%\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\caspol.exe -machine -addgroup 1 -url* FullTrust -name FMSPolicy
   b)   %WINDIR%\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v2.0.50727\caspol.exe -machine -addgroup 1 -url* FullTrust -name FMSPolicy
   These commands use caspol.exe to create the policy. That application is usually already present, but if it's missing for some reason you can download them here. One is for the 32-bit .net framework, and the other is for the 64-bit .net framework (both are needed since some fms apps run as 32 and some run as 64):



A program is referencing another dll and that control is not functioning properly.  For example, a report is referencing a newer version of the reportcontrol.dll but the client machine is not getting the new reportcontrol.dll.​

​This occurs because the user machine is using a control that is still in cache.  In order to get the client machine to download the new version, you need to set up Internet Explorer to check for a new page on every visit to a website.  Open IE, then open Internet Options. Under "browsing history", click on "settings" and make sure the "Every time I visit the webpage" radio button is selected.

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